By the bark, you dummies! By the bark!

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Best Actor (Philip Seymour-Hoffman)
Best Adapted Screenplay (Dan Futterman-screenplay, Gerald Clark-novel)


Best Picture
Best Director (Bennett Miller)
Best Film Editing (Christopher Tellefsen)

Theatrical Release Date: 09/30/2005
Director: Bennett Miller
Cast: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Clifton Collins Jr., Chris Cooper, Catherine Keener

First up in this year’s award season is Bennett Miller’s “Capote”. The movie depicts Truman Capote’s writing of “In Cold Blood”, which dealt with the murder of a family in Kansas. Capote became fascinated with the murderers and dedicated over 4 years of his life to writing and publishing the book.

Philip Seymour Hoffman portrays Capote and I think it’s safe to say that he will be nominated for the upcoming Academy Awards. Relegated almost exclusively to supporting roles, aside from his amazing performance in “Love Liza”, Hoffman is given another opportunity here to show why he is one of the best actors in Hollywood. His ability to fade into the persona of Capote is stunning.

Clifton Collins Jr. plays Perry Smith, who is accused of taking part in the murders. The old adage that acting is a give and take relationship is on full display here. Hoffman and Collins create a palpable tension between each other more intense than any other film so far this year.

Chris Cooper and Catherine Keener also provide excellent supporting roles. Their ability to humanize the picture helps frame the odd and haunting relationship that develops between Capote and Smith.

While “Jarhead” did not live up to the hype, “Capote” did and more. Probably the first of a few 5 out of fives coming over the next few months as all the supercharged powerhouse award films are released, “Capote” is a must see for anyone who enjoys fine acting, a good script and excellent direction.

Save that glass of champagne for Oscar night, you might be toasting Hoffman’s long overdue win.