Why is Cyclops trying to get the fire engine to use their horn?

Theatrical Release Date: 06/17/2005
Director: Chris Terrio
Cast: Elizabeth Banks, Glenn Close, James Marsden, Jesse Bradford.

“Heights”, a small indie film given a limited release came from the stage and was brought to the big screen by Chris Terrio. It starred Elizabeth Banks, Glenn Close, James Marsden & Jesse Bradford.

It’s about a couple on the verge of marriage (Banks & Marsden) who are beginning to feel the pressures of all an impending wedding entails. She (Banks) is feeling trapped, going through with it because it’s what she’s supposed to do and Marsden has a secret he has yet to reveal to her. Close plays a highly successful actress (where’d they get that idea) and the mother of Banks’ character. She meets Bradford, who is an aspiring actor and coincidentally lives in the same building as Banks and Marsden. Through some crazy six degrees connections, Marsden’s secret begins to unravel and Banks comes closer and closer to putting the halt to the whole marriage idea.

Since I have such a cynical view on relationships, I liked this movie quite a bit, feeling at home in the mood and atmosphere it created. The performances are good all around and while the story feels a bit too neat/contrived, I am probably going to watch this at least one more time in theatres (since I don’t pay for these things).

A less hackneyed story resolution would have elevated this movie for me. You can tell this was written for the stage, rather than the screen. Sometimes you can get away with that, like with Mike Nichol’s “Closer”. This time, it fell into the trap. Still an enjoyable movie, lost amid the swarm of big summer blockbusters. Bring a 6 pack of Old Style to the local arthouse cinema as I give this a 3 out of 5.