Someone’s got an impending POG showdown..

Theatrical Release Date: 08/05/2005
Director: Arie Posin
Cast: Jamie Bell, Glenn Close, William Fichtner, Ralph Fiennes, Carrie-Anne Moss, Camilla Belle

This is a little indie film whose main stars are lesser known, but the surrounding cast is an amazing collection of actors and actresses.

Cast aside, it’s a social commentary dramatization with the main characters being high school age that struck a chord with me on a couple levels.

There are CG cut scenes throughout the movies that took a little away from the movie, but there were also scenes composed so well that it more than balanced out the bad animation. Looking back, the animation scenes seemed like taking a page from Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”.

The acting all around portrayed the quirky story about modern life of teens and the encouraged or illegal proliferation of psychotropic drugs very well.

No matter who is in the primary role for a given scene, they each do a great job for their character at hand. It’s worth a watch when you can get the likes of Ralph Fiennes, Carrie Ann Moss, Glenn Close, and William “Pull Daddy like a Chariot” Fichtner to be in it. I’ll give it strong 3 out of 5 – it is so close to another star, but not quite.