Something tells me my steak won’t be cooked like I asked.

Theatrical Release Date: 10/07/2005
Director: Rob McKittrick
Cast: Justin Long, Ryan Reynolds

The latest movie in what is becoming the decade of Ryan Reynolds (are there any other comic actors to fill his niche?), “Waiting” is the story of a group of restaurant employees and how one of them is trying to decide what to do with his life before he turns into a career food servicer. Written and directed by Rob McKittrick, the movie lives up to its name.

The movie ends up feeling like you are waiting for a real story to develop. Justin Long plays a kid who has failed to achieve anything since high school and needs to break out of his slump to make something of himself. Reynolds plays his devil on the shoulder and there are good supporting performances by a host of comic actors – Anna Faris, Luis Guzmán, Dane Cook, and Alanna Ubach to name a few.

The performances all around are fine but the movie is a collection of gags rather than a well-conceived story that has humor to it. McKittrick seems to have found funny anecdotes and written a story around them to make a movie.

Perhaps if the director were related to the fictional Mr. McKittrick from “Wargames”, the film could have been salvaged. Though I doubt even a call from a super-computer with a tic-tac-toe fetish could have done the trick.

To keep consistent with my own sense of humor, I’m not ordering dessert on this one and I’m going to leave the minimum tip. “Waiting” gets a 2 out of 5. The keg of Foster’s is really a formality as this is the kind of film that begs for alcoholic consumption.

Oddly enough, this film made me laugh quite a bit, I just thought it didn’t make for a good movie overall. If you like Ryan Reynolds, this is worth the upcoming rental fee. As you scroll down the cast list, you’ll see lots of great people but aside from Long and Reynolds, no one really has all that much to do. If you’re on the fence, take a step back and go watch “Van Wilder” to get your Reynolds fix.