Amerca Freedom to Fascism
There’s nothing in the constitution about jaywalking either.

Theatrical Release Date: 07/28/2006
Director: Aaron Russo

This film is a documentary whose premise is that there is no specific law that requires Americans to pay income tax. Apparently there is a movement of people contending that beginning long ago, the US government began illegally collecting income tax under the guise that specific provisions that don’t actually give the government the right to take a portion of personal income.

The number on point is this: many people that have been taken to court by the IRS have specifically asked for specific laws requiring income tax to be supplied, and the IRS never has supplied such proof.

It’s kind of a shock to your system when you hear that and start that little wheel in the back of your head thinking about all that money you’ve sent to the IRS.

The first 30 minutes is convincing.

Then it hits a wall and crosses over the line to being annoying.

The wife did some on the fly legal research (she’s a law student), and some of the foundations of the documentary seemed to over inflate their points only to serve their purpose in making this documentary.

However, after seeing the movie, I do not have a clear answer of the main premise.

I have no idea if there is a specific law that requires a tax on income. Definitions of terms by the government don’t make sense and, as stated earlier, numerous requests by many to the IRS and other lawmakers to point out the specific law requiring income tax have been ignored.

As a topic, this is interesting, but it would be better served as a Frontline production (no longer than an hour) or through a miniseries. Without a better case, I’m not going to stop paying my taxes. So in the end this is not a good film at all, hence a 1 of 5.