28 Weeks Later
Robert Carlyle wishes he had hotter fans … that didn’t want to eat his brains.

Theatrical Release Date: 05/11/2007
Director: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
Cast: Catherine McCormack, Robert Carlyle, Jeremy Renner, Harold Perrineau, Rose Byrne, Imogen Poots, Mackintosh Muggleton

For quite awhile now, we’ve have been searching fruitlessly for a truly scary film, something to make Audrey Hess jump right out of her seat. It has been a long, hard journey, but we have finally found a horror film worth watching in “28 Weeks Later”.

In this sequel to the 2002 film “28 Days Later,” we return to London after the Rage virus has been unleashed upon the unknowing populace. In the months after the outbreak, the infected have been killed or died, and America has sent in troops to assess the situation and start the process of reconstruction.

28 weeks after the initial outbreak, the first Londoners are returning to the city. Don (Carlyle) is a technician in the new city. Having lost his wife in the outbreak, he greets the return of his children (Poots and Muggleton) with a combination of guilt and relief. In their search for adventure, the children unwittingly unleash a recurrence of the virus on the settlement- and it is back with a vengeance!

Like its predecessor, most aspects of this film are highly effective. The original film redefined zombies as fast-paced, fierce creatures, lost in a fit of pure bloodlust. These aren’t your grandmother’s zombies, and they are just as fearsome in this film.

We particularly enjoyed the 10-second turn around between being spit on by a zombie and spitting on others as a zombie.

All of the actors provide solid performances, but they take a backseat to the action in the film. The direction and art direction are all solid as well.

There is a clever use of Night vision in one scene, the tight camera focus and eerie green tone lending the scene a frightful intensity.

However, the film does have some issues. Many of the scenes rely on close up, jumpy camerawork, which we both found difficult to watch. At times it is reminiscent of the Blair Witch Project.

Some of the plot contrivances seem a bit far fetched – one character survives much longer than they should and pops up around every turn, which particularly annoyed Audrey.

Despite its shortcomings, “28 Weeks Later” was an intense, frightening film and we decided to give it a 4 out of 5. Admittedly, we might be reviewing this film a bit on the lenient side, since everything else we have seen recently has been horrible, but check this film out- it should be good for some scares.

And remember: Be careful who you hook up with. You never know what kind of viruses they may be carrying.