Evan Almighty
How will getting the baboons drunk help get this boat built any faster?

Theatrical Release Date: 06/22/2007
Director: Tom Shadyac
Cast: Steve Carell, Lauren Graham, Morgan Freeman, Wanda Sykes, John Goodman, Jonah Hill, John Michael Higgins

I must say, I went into “Evan Almighty” with low expectations. I wasn’t sure what to expect- would it be trite? Or lose some of its humor in an attempt to convey a message?

I came out feeling better than I went in.

“Evan Almighty” is a film that very loosely starts where “Bruce Almighty” left off. Jim Carrey’s Bruce has been replaced in God’s favor by Evan (Carell), the hapless reporter from the last film. Evan has just left the media world for a life in politics as a congressman. He moves his wife Joan (Graham) and three kids to a town near D.C. to begin their new life.

Everything is running smoothly until God (Freeman) shows up and asks Evan to build an ark. From there things begin to go a bit wonky for Mr. Congressman and his family until he gives in. Then he learns that there are more important things than work and creature comforts and blah, blah, blah.

This movie could have easily fallen into one of the pitfalls I named earlier, but for some significant factors.

First of all, the acting was quite good. Carell was goofy and charming, and it’s hard not to laugh at the earnest but slightly off-kilter way he approaches things. Also, Graham is a good anchor, bringing a nice balance to a cast full of comedic loose cannons and the kids are cute but not obtrusive.

The true genius comes from the Dream Team of Sykes, Higgins, and Hill. Everything that comes out of their mouths is pure comic gold. As Evan’s staff they play well off of him and are just generally hilarious.

It is the most expensive comedy ever made (at least as of June 2007), and I think the effects are pretty good. The plot stays pretty light, but cohesive. I worried a bit that the ending would be unwieldy due to its subject matter, but it actually wraps up pretty well.

If you are a fan of trivial stuff, you can also have fun picking out all of the references in the film. There are a lot of historical and religious bits, especially centering on Genesis 6:14.

In a summer of blockbusters, this film may well be lost in the shuffle. It might not be the best fare out there this summer, but it is ten dollars pretty well spent. I give this film a 3 out of 5, and recommend it to any fans of Carell’s comedy stylin’s or anyone looking for kid-friendly entertainment (although if that is the case, why are you on this site?).

God bless us, every one.