Hot Fuzz
The eternal debate rages on.

Golden Mug

Original Screenplay (Edgar Wright & Simon Pegg)
Editing (Chris Dickens)

Theatrical Release Date: 02/14/2007 (UK), 04/20/2007 (USA)
Director: Edgar Wright
Cast: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Jim Broadbent, Timothy Dalton, Paddy Considine

Look out world, here comes the fuzz!

“Hot Fuzz” re-teams the blokes behind “Shaun of the Dead”, only this time they’re tackling the buddy cop / action genre.

I hate to give up the goose too early but this film is fucking genius.

As much as I love the idea of all of you reading this, hanging on my every syllable, just go out and see this film. If you saw “Shaun of the Dead”, you know what kind of wit and attention to detail is involved. I really don’t need to explain it here … but that’s sort of my thing so here goes.

In “Hot Fuzz”, Simon Pegg plays a highly trained and motivated police officer, busting so many heads and arresting so many people in London that his superiors transfer him to a quaint little village where he can’t show anyone else up.

As fate would have it, that little village is a hotbed of murderous activity and only Pegg and his bumbling, local yokel of a new partner (Nick Frost) can solve the crimes and bring justice to the town.

What makes this film so clever is not only the exceptionally witty dialogue and comedic timing but how well they are able to spoof / pay homage to the action genre.

For starters, you’ll see references (some subtle, some far less so) to “Supercop”, “Scream”, “Bad Boys II” and “Point Break”. There are a host of other films you may recognize being sent up in “Hot Fuzz”, the only problem may be remembering them while you’re laughing your ass off at how fast and furious the jokes come at times.

The rest of the supporting case is equally up to the task and do a wonderful job of setting just the right tone for the film. Adding to the mix are some fantastic cameos by the likes of Bill Nighy, Martin Freeman, Steve Coogan, Cate Blanchett and Peter “Lord of the Rings” Jackson (keep an eye out for Santa).

I loved how the film was able to encompass nearly every aspect of the action genre, making sure to have not only gunfire a plenty, but also relishing in the cheesy, tender nature of the buddy cop relationship.

Also, as shown in “Shaun of the Dead”, director Edgar Wright knows how to do gore and there’s a decent amount of it on display here.

Many of the deaths are “Final Destination 2” quality and will give you that glorious double shot reaction of “Holy crap!” and “That’s fucking hilarious!”

If I were even going to try and downplay the film, I would say that while the first half of the film is very, very funny – it’s mostly exposition. However, you need all of it to truly appreciate the insane hilarity in the rest of the film.

Also, I do wish that in the middle of referencing so many other films, there was at least one James Bond ‘tip of the hat’ for Timothy Dalton. However, he has so much fun chewing up the scenery in this film that I can forgive that oversight.

I really can’t say too much else about this film without giving away some of the jokes … and for once, they aren’t all in the trailer. They saved the best stuff for the theaters and you will not be disappointed.

I’m definitely going back in for seconds and maybe more and the DVD can’t come quick enough.

A surefire 5 out of 5, if you only see one film this year – you’re an idiot. But you should also make sure that “Hot Fuzz” is that film. So far, the most fun I’ve had in a theater all year without paying for a happy ending … crap, did I just write that?

Whatever, ignore my pithy remarks and do yourself a favor, go see “Hot Fuzz”.