Knocked Up
I guess the kid inherited his looks.

Director: Judd Apatow
Cast: Seth Rogen, Katherine Heigl, Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann

Hot on the successful heels of “The 40 Year Old Virgin“, writer/director Judd Apatow is back with his new baby, “Knocked Up”.

This time around, a loveable loser (Seth Rogen) ends up (through improbable circumstance) having a one night stand with Katherine Heigl … I mean with her character, not actually with her … oh, never mind.

I say it’s improbable because as funny and nice a guy Rogen may be in the film, in the real world a person like Heigl’s character would have let him buy her a drink and then moved back over to another social circle.

But that’s real life and this is a film … and a pretty damn funny one at that.

Almost everyone in the cast is an accomplished comedian and Heigl plays her character with a nice mix of heart and sincerity, which help keep the film on track. While having everyone in the film riffing non-stop can be funny, you need at least one person to keep the story going and further the plot.

That’s probably what sets this film apart from many of the comedies lately. Instead of being a film based on a joke, it’s a complete situation where the comedy comes from the real-life absurdity of it all (with a few cheap jokes thrown in for good measure and fun).

Though I can say that one of the least fun moments occurs during the delivery scene at the hospital … I haven’t seen a moment like that since my sixth grade sexual education class. How in the hell do people find that moment beautiful? We pop out other PEOPLE from orifices mostly used to excrete waste … hold on … just give me a moment to … where the hell is that trash can … ugh … I’m going to need a new trash can.

Moving on with no transition whatsoever – As one might expect from Apatow, he’s keeping a lot of the same company; also using Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann and a small cameo for Steve Carell – all of whom were in “The 40 Year Old Virgin”.

The chemistry between them all is great but I’m on the fence with having the same people appearing together all the time, as it appears to be the cool thing to do right now. While I think it’s great in specific instances, like the Broken Lizard guys or the Christopher Guest films, it’s becoming so commonplace that it’s losing its luster.

Still, that’s about the biggest knock I can make on “Knocked Up” and I’m going to give it a 4 out of 5. I was laughing throughout the film, the story has a decent amount of heart and this is exactly the type of summer comedy that I look for each year.

Take your wife, girlfriend (or both) to this one. I think they’ll all like it.