On a Clear Day
This picture just confuses me … did they Photoshop the Asian man into it?

Theatrical Release Date: 09/02/2005 (UK), 04/07/2006 (USA)
Director: Gaby Dellal
Cast: Peter Mullan, Brenda Blethyn, Sean McGinley, Ron Cook, Billy Boyd

Every once in a while, a heartwarming tale of a man conquering his demons and reconnecting with the people in his life floats across the ocean and lands stateside.

Whether it’s an Australian film like “Danny Deckchair” or a British film like “Billy Elliot”, it’s nice to see that films don’t have to be a summer special effects bonanza or a small, dark indie tale about addiction.

The Scottish film, “On a Clear Day” continues that tradition, telling the tale of a man who is still haunted by the drowning death of one of his children. After being let go from his job of nearly forty years, he decides to exorcise his pain by swimming the English Channel, a twenty-mile gap between England and France.

Peter Mullen plays the central character and his ability to be the tortured father figure holds the film together, creating something that feels grounded in reality rather than just something cutesy.

Backing him up is a wonderful supporting cast, including the always great Brenda Blethyn as his wife and Jamie Sives as the other son, who also blames himself for the loss of his brother.

What’s nice about this film is that it manages to weave the family drama with the engaging and fun element of Mullen and his friends gearing up for the swim. The balance of the stories is well done and it’s the kind of film that anyone can enjoy.

A solid 3 out of 5, “On a Clear Day” is something to enjoy on one of those rainy days, where you just brew up a little hot chocolate, sit back and relax on the couch.