Could I offer you ladies some refreshment, liquid or otherwise?

One of my favorite films, you’d think “Go” would lend itself to an easy drinking game, since it’s about kids running around Vegas and going to a rave in L.A. However, when I sat down to come up with the rules, I found it more difficult than I had imagined it would be. Still, the following should help get you going as you check out this underappreciated gem.

Anytime someone does drugs, cigarettes or alcohol

Anytime Ronna or Todd asks a question (rhetorical counts)

Anytime someone says “Christmas”, “X-Mas”, “Rave” or “Party”

Anytime Simon and his boys in Vegas say “orgasm” or use a euphemism for it

Anytime someone fires a gun

Drink 2 when Adam & Zack let off the funniest scream in film history


“Rules for Fools” is intended for entertainment purposes only. In no way do we suggest that anyone actually attempt to play any of these games. If played, there is a serious risk of various alcohol related hazards, up to and including death.

Instead of alcohol, may we suggest using slurpees and laughing as brainfreezes ring out around the room as you and your friends chill your brain?

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