The Killer
You drink … No, you drink.

These films are John Woo at his finest … Chow Yun Fat running around with two guns mowing down bad guys … and some of the most unbelievable shoot ‘em up action you’ll find.

Like the Transformers Challenge, this is quite simple:

Drink anytime someone dies.

According to IMDb, The Killer has 120 deaths and Hard Boiled a cool 240. Obviously, I can’t stress enough how much we don’t recommend actually drinking alcohol … instead imagine what might happen if you did … you see, it’s a terrible idea. Maybe if you have the weakest drinks around … no, it’s still a terrible idea.

If only humans had 3 livers … then maybe.


“Rules for Fools” is intended for entertainment purposes only. In no way do we suggest that anyone actually attempt to play any of these games. If played, there is a serious risk of various alcohol related hazards, up to and including death.

Instead of alcohol, may we suggest using slurpees and laughing as brainfreezes ring out around the room as you and your friends chill your brain?

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