If everyone’s going to play along, I hope someone brought ice and some doggie bags.

As noted in the review, “Ultraviolet” is an amazingly terrible film. I’m still a little in awe, shock and disbelief over how cheesy and bad this film is. It’s a no brainer that if you plan to see this film (or worse, see it again), you might want to up to the ante. And so, here are the rules …

Anytime Violet changes the color of her outfit

Anytime they use the word “hemophage” because “vampire” seemed too simplistic (that, and sunlight and garlic didn’t work on Milla)

Whenever Violet shatters an enemy soldier

Whenever the action takes place in the reflection of Violet’s sunglasses

Whenever you want to slap the taste out of the kid’s mouth for being such a bad actor


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