Kate Mara, you don’t need a gun to get my attention.

Theatrical Release Date: 03/23/2007
Director: Antoine Fuqua
Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Michael Peña, Danny Glover, Kate Mara, Elias Koteas

Bang bang!

What’s one part “Bourne Supremacy”, one part “Training Day”, splashed with a dash of super hot Kate Mara?

Obviously, the title at the top gave this away so there will be no prizes awarded for knowing that the answer is “Shooter”.

Don’t get too excited though, I feel I’m exaggerating a bit because it’s like the film is a Frankenstein of those elements, only not put together in an optimal fashion.

The story of an ex-Marine scout sniper framed for an assassination and his quest for revenge, “Shooter” hits all of its targets but can’t seem to score any bulls eyes.

The production value is okay, though I’ve seen just about every stunt or effect done before and done better. Sure everything explodes and there’s even some cool dismemberment but I often felt like I was watching a TNT Original.

The story unfolds fairly predictably and I would have left it there except that the ending feels out of place and anticlimactic.

Based on a novel, which is part of a series about the main character, it was almost like they got to the end of filming and the script supervisor reminded Fuqua that there was still another scene.

As for the acting, it’s … how should I put it? Well, the acting is clichéd.

Wahlberg looked like he was learning his lines as they filmed, Peña’s character felt like an adopted brother, Mara’s accent almost distracted me from how much I want her phone number and Glover had more meat on his plate at dinner than in the script.

The characters are cardboard cutouts, with very little development that makes any sense.

And how in the hell is the audience is supposed to believe that Marky Mark and Mara hook up, considering that she is the widow of his former Marine sniper squad mate / best friend?

I suppose it might have made sense over the course of a novel but within the constraints of the film, there just was not enough to justify such a complicated dynamic.

Still, the film isn’t all hyperbole and overdone plot elements. I enjoyed the beginning of the film, as Wahlberg’s character laid out the likely scenario an attempt on a political figure might be drawn up.

Once the double-cross takes place, there even a fairly well done escape scene.

However, as all of the pieces fall into place and the film begins to just go through the motions, my eyes started to glaze over and only the gunfights and Mara kept me slightly entertained.

A 3 out of 5, if you really need a shoot ‘em up, go ahead and check out “Shooter”. You won’t be surprised or overly excited but it’ll help kill a few hours otherwise spent listening to your wife telling you to take out the trash and be nicer to her mother.