Pursuit of Happyness
Dad, was this what it was like in “Six Degrees of Separation”?

Theatrical Release Date: 12/15/2006
Director: Gabriele Muccino
Cast: Will Smith, Jaden Smith, Thandie Newton

So it’s been about three weeks since my theatre experience, and it’s time for another jaunt into the unimportant land of movie reviews.

This time it’s the Will Smith Oscar vehicle “The Pursuit of Happyness”. Yes, it’s spelled correctly. You know what it is from seeing the trailer. A fatherly tale of triumph in the face of tall odds. And it delivers just that. No surprises…

While I felt the performances were strong, I think I saw too much pre-release material (I did catch some of the Oprah episode with both Smith and the real person his character is based on while decorating the x-mas tree last year). Therefore it wasn’t nearly as powerful as if I went into seeing the movie completely blind.

There’s really not much to say here. If you want to see a story showing how a smart man can overcome longer odds … Then see this film. If you want to be inspired, this may do the trick.

But the half-empty side of me sees this as an increasingly rare example of what’s possible. What’s probable is a completely different story.

It’s a middle of the road movie with a solid performance from Smith. I’m not sure if it was worthy of a nomination, but it was his best performance since “Six Degrees of Separation”. Just a so-so movie made to shoot for Oscars because of it’s true to life story. So it’s just a 3 out of 5 to me and there’s no real desire to see it again.