27 Dresses
Cyclops can’t help but enjoy Katherine Heigl’s impression of a little person.

Theatrical Release Date: 01/18/2008
Director: Anne Fletcher
Cast: Katherine Heigl, James Marsden, Malin Akerman, Edward Burns, Judy Greer

Ian Forbes’ Rating:

Elizabeth Edgemont’s Rating:

Audrey Hess’ Rating:

DDR Sugar Wine’s rating:

As you can tell by the multiple ratings above, there wasn’t much consensus when it came to 2008′s first cinematic counter-programming / romantic comedy / man-trap, “27 Dresses”.

Starring Katherine Heigl as a pathological people-pleasing executive assistant proving the cliché “always a bridesmaid, never a bride”, I found this film insipid and painful to watch. The comedy is rarely funny (unless Judy Greer’s involved … can someone please give her a starring role?!?), the drama is preposterous and the filmmakers spent so much time building up the angle where the audience gets to watch Heigl be dumped on that the resolution feels rushed and implausible.

Elizabeth also found the amount of shit Heigl’s character had to endure excessive and had similar problems with the story’s journey to the fairy-tale ending. She found James Marsden to be a little more creepy than attractive, as his continued weight loss from other roles like in the X-Men franchise only serves to bring out the excessive size of his teeth … Can someone get that man a salt lick?

Audrey Hess found the film likeable and was able to suspend her disbelief more than myself and Elizabeth. For her, the events weaved a competent romantic comedy that was neither mind-blowing nor made her want to blow her head off with a sawed-off shotgun (I left mine at home unfortunately).

A special guest, whom I’ve dubbed DDR Sugar Wine, was in attendance with us as well and she thought this was a fantastic film, as evident by her giving the film a 5 out of 5 for the genre that it’s in. She did not think the characters’ abilities to resolve their issues was unrealistic and couldn’t have been happier with the end result on-screen.

Since I don’t agree with that assessment (though I respect her opinion), perhaps my favorite comment about this film was Elizabeth saying that watching “Cloverfield” was more realistic than “27 Dresses”. Think about that; a movie about a CGI creation destroying Manhattan was more realistic to her than a little rom-com about relationships and marriage. That should tell you something right there.

Though, of course, everyone is different. I’m sure many of you don’t always agree with my impressions of films (though you should) and having all of this knowledge, good luck deciding if you’d like “27 Dresses”. I will say that while I felt the reels of celluloid back-lit onto the screen was nearly unbearable, seeing the film with these three ladies was a treat. They decided to wear bridesmaid dresses to the show and since no one else has their intelligence, or as they put it – balls, to slip back into some of their most rarely worn attire, their mini-celebrity status inside the theater and at dinner was a lot of fun.

I suppose if you can also go with some beautiful women all dolled up and fancy-like, then there can be a reason to see “27 Dresses”. Obviously there is disagreement about the merit of the film and I suppose the best thing to do is trust your instinct about whether this is worth your time and money.

I thought the film was predictable and could definitely use a few edits to trim down the building up of Heigl’s character since it’s clear to the audience what she’s all about in the first 15 minutes … but I suppose if you have to see a movie about weddings, this is the only one in theaters (still not good enough for me but I’m a cantankerous kind of guy sometimes).