Definitely, Maybe
To be honest, I don’t care about politics … I do care about looking down your shirt.

Theatrical Release Date: 02/14/2008
Director: Adam Brooks
Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Abigail Breslin, Elizabeth Banks, Isla Fisher, Rachel Weisz

What kind of deal with the devil has Ryan Reynolds made? In his latest film, he not only woos Elizabeth Banks but Rachel Weisz and Isla Fisher?!? I’m pretty sure that if I was in the same room with the three of them I’d have to change my shorts, let alone actually get to snuggle up to any of these lovely ladies. But struggle on Reynolds does in the Hallmark Throw Your Money Away season’s latest romantic comedy, “Definitely, Maybe.”

The film is about a newly divorced Reynolds explaining to his daughter (Abigail Breslin) how he met her mother. To make the story more engaging for the audience, he tells the story like a mystery for her to solve. This gimmick works well enough and provided for some wonderful interjections throughout the film as Breslin stops him to explain some of the details (p.s. the boy word for “slut” is “man whore”).

Now, in retelling his greatest loves, Reynolds elaborates on his time with three women; the aforementioned Elizabeth Banks, Rachel Weisz and Isla Fisher. Each have their own particular charm and place in his life. What I credit director Adam Brooks for is creating an environment in which the audience is quite frankly rooting for one woman over the other, though none are particularly unwelcome.

This makes me yearn for the old “choose your own adventure” movies that were briefly tried out in the mid 1990s. In specially equipped theaters, audiences could choose what direction the film would take. While the films were crap, the fun of yelling and pleading for the others in the theater to choose “A” over “B” was a great time.

Somewhat unfortunately, you won’t have a choice over how the story unfolds but I doubt you’ll leave feeling that the story took too many wrong turns. In fact, there was really only one major dispute, concerning something Reynolds decides not to do near the end of the film, that bugged me.

Of course, I won’t reveal what that incident entails but what really chaps my hide (and I pride myself on a well-oiled hide) is that in order to rectify the situation, Reynolds is able to come up with the one possible excuse. While I’m glad he did, it’s one of those Hollywood dialogue miracles that just feel a little too easy.

Aside from that, the performances are good all around. Reynolds is as charming, sarcastic and endearing as ever. Breslin is sweeter than a box of sugar-coated chocolates. Banks, Weisz and Fisher are all beautiful and sexy and I would love to play spin the bottle at this wrap party.

Really, aside from the one plot point mentioned earlier, there isn’t much not to like here; The film does everything pretty well. However, there also wasn’t anything super spectacular or new that could elevate its rating. But I really enjoyed it and if you are in the mood for a romantic comedy, a touch heavier on the romance than the comedy, then this could, possibly be the film for you.

“Definitely, Maybe” gets a strong 3 out of 5 from me. This is easily the best date movie in theaters right now so if you need to score some brownie points because you forgot to send your loved one some flowers on Singles Awareness Day, go ahead and schedule a trip to the googleplex of your choice.