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Theatrical Release Date: 03/14/2008
Director: Neil Marshall
Cast: Rhona Mitra, Malcolm McDowell, Bob Hoskins

In the world of “Doomsday”, right about now Glasgow is being overrun by the super-virus, Reaper – which looks remarkably similar to Ebola. In order to save the world, the best solution is to build a wall around Glasgow and let it all fall apart while the rest of the world lives safe and sound, Reaper free. This plan works out great for about 30 years until London gets hit with the same virus. The British government discovers people living behind the wall and decides to go in search of a cure within Glasgow.

Our heroine, Eden Sinclair (played by the insanely hot Rhona Mitra), must gather a super team of military specialists, grunts and doctors along with 2 tanks to go in search of a cure in the fallout that is Glasgow all within 48 hours. The search decays into chaos when the team discovers Glasgow is overrun by cannibals determined to escape over the wall and the countryside is ruled by a medieval lord bent on decimation of any outside influences, played by Malcolm McDowell. This is where the movie really kicks it into shameless-ripping-from-good-films gear; half decent battle scenes filled with gore, bloody deaths for all animals be they rabbits, cows, or half crazed human beings, and high speed car chases pitting bizarrely transformed vehicles against a brand new Bentley.

Doomsday combines all the best of previously made post apocalyptic movies; you’ve got “Road Warrior”, “Escape from New York”, “Tank Girl”, “No Escape”, “Aeon Flux“, and “Cyborg” just to get started. Make no mistake; the only unique aspect of this film from the heroine’s computer eye to the Reaper virus is that the plague begins in Glasgow.

This movie harkens back to the fabulously cliché writing of “Ghost of Mars” complete with Eden’s final words to the cannibal horde, “If you’re hunger, have a piece of your friend!” With a mesh of S&M bondage, metal punk, and medieval sheik this movie screams for one costume designer and one director rather than the 10 different ones assigned to the job.

Here is where I get to go on a tirade about suspended reality; if you are going to involve a possible scenario then do your homework. The British government decides that since there are people alive in Glasgow there must be a cure; god forbid someone was actually immune instead. That immunity locked away in the carrier’s blood would take years to turn into a usable vaccine. Meanwhile, London is gone; most everyone will die just like in Glasgow. Don’t bother with the wall this time, just say good bye, drop the bombs, and burn it to the ground. If you think I am being unjustly evil; well, you have come to the wrong Mad Scientist Movie Reviewer.

While Elizabeth Edgemont and I thoroughly enjoyed Director Neil Marshall’s film “The Descent“, I find “Doomsday” totally lacking in character depth, plot line, and class. Having said that, I must also admit that I enjoyed “Doomsday” for the thrill ride of post apocalyptic crap that it was. Thank you Eden; I think I will have a piece of your cannibal friend and give this movie a 2 out of 5.