Forgetting Sarah Marshall DVD

Theatrical Release Date: 04/18/2008
DVD Release Date: 09/30/2008
Director: Nicholas Stoller
Cast: Jason Segel, Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, Russell Brand, Paul Rudd, Bill Hader, Jack McBrayer

The Film:

“Forgetting Sarah Marshall” is another Judd Apatow production, this time with first time director Nicholas Stoller in the hot seat. Jason Segal (who wrote the film) stars as a sad sack trying to get over his break-up with Sarah Marshall (Kristin Bell), a TV starlet.

He ends up going to Hawaii, hoping to move on with his life, of course only to find that Sarah is already there with her new boyfriend – a sexually charged and delightfully blunt British singer (Russell Brand). Hilarity attempts to ensue.

I found the film to be quite funny, if you like the previous Apatow productions like “The 40 Year Old Virgin” or “Knocked Up“. Segal’s full frontal nudity isn’t a highlight for me but that’s sort of compensated by clips of Sarah Marshall’s show, which is a funny spoof of CSI: Miami.

For more on the film itself, you can check out my full review here.

The DVD:

If you like extras, the “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” Unrated Collector’s Edition DVD set will keep you occupied for a few hours. As seems to be the norm these days, there’s the first disc containing the “unrated” movie and a few extras. Then there’s another disc solely containing the rest of the extra features. And then there’s a third disc here for consumers to download the theatrical version of the film to their computer (PC or Mac).

I appreciate that studios recognize the growing number of people who transfer their films to a hard drive but including an extra disc to do so? Why not just write into the copyright laws that purchase of a DVD entitles consumers to transfer the film to any one computer? With the right software, people already can transfer DVDs (the security isn’t very secure) so it’s just window dressing to throw an extra disc into the box. I might use mine as a coaster.


Dolby Digital 5.1 sound. Anamorphic Widescreen 1:85:1.


English (for the hard of hearing); Spanish; French.


English; Spanish; French.

Extra Features:

Commentary with director Nicholas Stoller, producers Rodney Rothman and Shauna Robertson and cast members Jason Segal, Mila Kunis, Russell Brand, Jack McBrayer (via telephone in NY) and even a little help from Kristen Bell (who they call on the phone).

—– Having this many people involved helps to ensure that the commentary rarely drags or drops out. They clearly had a lot of fun making the film and hanging out with each other and it comes out in the commentary. While not involving too many technical aspects of filmmaking, the inclusion of the director, producers and writer (Segal) does ensure some of the elements to putting the film together are discussed. Fans will definitely get a kick out of their side stories and multiple attempts to connect with Kristen Bell via cell phone.

Deleted/Extended Scenes

—– Few of these scenes are all that funny, showing why they were cut (in addition to helping with pacing). It is nice to see them included just to help flesh out a few things from the film but it’s annoying that the scenes are broken up into two groups, one for each disc. If you really can’t fit all the materials on one disc, at least keep the type of extra feature all together.

Crime Scene / Sarah’s New Show

—– As their spoof on CSI: Miami, many more clips from “Crime Scene” were shot than included in the film. It’s mostly one-liner gags mocking David Caruso’s hilariously bad dialogue delivery – which is always fun. The extra ideas behind what Sarah Marshall’s new show would be are okay, mostly helped by the inclusion of Jason Bateman as the co-star.

Auditions / Video Diaries

—– These are the features that rarely make a DVD and are nice to include for fans. While not terribly exciting or funny, they provide a closer look at the process involved.

Cinemax Final Cut: “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”

—– This featurette aired on the premium cable network and involved Judd Apatow, Nicholas Stoller, Shauna Robertson, Jason Segal, Russell Brand, Bill Hader and Kristen Bell. There are some very funny moments here (especially from Brand), so definitely check this one out as they discuss various scenes and elements of the film.

Drunk-O-Rama / Sex-O-Rama

—– Just like it sounds, these two features are a collection of scenes (some extended) involving sex or Jason Segal being drunk. A nice quick hit of comedy.

Gag Reel / Line-O-Rama

—– Just like it sounds, these features show the actors flubbing lines and breaking out of character. This is usually my favorite extra, after a good commentary, and while I’m surprised there wasn’t more on the gag reel, it’s still a good time.

Russell Brand: Aldous Snow / The Letter “U”

—– As the relative unknown (on this side of the pond) who tends to steal scenes in the film, I’m really happy to see a few features devoted to him. “Russell Brand: Aldous Snow” talks about how he was cast, even though the original script called for someone completely different. The Letter “U” is a hilarious spoof of children’s TV where Brand (as Aldous Snow) interacts with kids and tries to convey the meaning behind his hit song.

The Sobering Conclusion:

Liking the film as a whole really comes down to what brand of comedy you like. As there’s a decent amount of raunch, ridiculous plot setups and far too much of Segal’s penis, some people will probably feel content to stay away from this. Those of us who are enjoying Apatow’s hand in the comedy pot these last few years will find “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” well worth our time.

So for fans of the film, I really recommend picking up a copy of the DVD because there are loads of extra fun to be had here. If every DVD contained this much, I’d never leave the house except to see films in the theaters … which is sort of true now … crap, I need a life.