In the Shadow of the Moon
Nixon’s execution chamber press conferences were fun for the whole family!

Theatrical Release Date: 09/07/2007
Director: David Sington
Featuring: Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins, Jim Lovell

Remember the first time you saw an iPod? It was what I like to call a technological “Holy Shit” moment. Not only could you now summon a gigantic catalog of music from a device that fits in your palm, you could do it with the slightest touch. That little device is awe inspiring.

Well, 1969 must have been that plus a little more. That’s the year the Earth watched as we put a man on the moon.


Now I wasn’t around, but if I was, I probably would have been staring at my Sony Trinitron (which also wasn’t around), agog at what just transpired. We had put a human being into a metal cannister and launched that cannister into outer space and managed to land it on the moon. Man was no longer man … we had harnessed the powers of the gods and bent them to our will. We had done something unfathomable. How cool is that?

“In the Shadow of the Moon” is a documentary about the men who made it all happen. Through the tales of ten Apollo Astronauts we learn what is was like to prepare for and make the most incredible journey ever taken by a human being. The stories of these proud Americans are both inspiring and humbling.

It is mostly a compilation of NASA footage and interviews with these aged, yet dignified explorers. The film itself is captivating because the story they tell is captivating–while explaining how they performed such an awesome feat, it reveals the best of humanity.

The only problem I have is that the most public face of the program (Neil Armstrong, the very first man to walk on the moon) is not included in this film, and his absence is glaring. From what I’ve heard, he is a private person and doesn’t wish to partake in the accolades of such an achievement. That’s fine, but the film doesn’t feel complete without him describing what it was like to put on a spacesuit and jump down that ladder onto the moon.

But still, this film will keep your attention from the first frame to the last as it delves into the details about the biggest “Holy Shit” technology moment in human history. I would give it a thumbs up, but I understand that due to frivolous earthbound legalities I can only recommend it at this point. So I highly recommend it. A 4 out of 5.