My Pink Shirt
The girls at my high school didn’t dress like this.

Theatrical Release Date: 09/25/2007 (Direct to DVD)
Director: Charles Kassatly
Cast: Milly Crnogorac, Jennifer Kalinowski

Often, a film will go direct to DVD because it only appeals to a niche market and the studio doesn’t feel the costs of distribution will be offset by the theatrical box office take. It’s more of a money issue than a quality of content one.

With “My Pink Shirt”, it doesn’t matter because the film is terrible. In the “film”, a young girl (whose name is Regency … priceless) is forced to prostitute herself after her mother contracts AIDS. The premise is fine, a very good film could be based on the idea.

However, the script, direction and acting all combine forces to form the Voltron of crap and turn any good intentions into terrible reality. The script is so bad that it makes it hard to tell just how bad the actors are. I have a suspicion that with better dialogue, a few of the actors might be able to pull off a TV movie of the week … but I’m not holding my breath.

The funniest part of the story is that Regency has apparently inherited her mother’s artistic ability and she tries to turn her life around. However, it all plays out with the melodramatic sheen of a Lifetime movie knock-off. I found myself laughing just about anytime something sad happened and the soft piano music that highlights each “tender” moment is just as hilarious.

According to IMDb, the film was made for about $30,000 Canadian dollars (which is what, a million U.S. these days?) and the low production budget shows. I can look past that, as I like when filmmakers are forced to be creative in how to properly frame their work. Sadly, director Charles Kassatly could not make any part of this film look any better than your average college film project. It even stoops to that lowest cliché, using the last scene both in the beginning and end to make the film seem like it has some sort of circular aspect – only used as it was here, it came off sad and lame.

Unless you have a weird fetish for poorly made prostitute films, don’t bother trying to find a copy of this to pop in the DVD player. I’m giving “My Pink Shirt” a 1 out of 5; only because it at least doesn’t glamorize the prostitution industry like “Pretty Woman” and it was so terrible that I got a few laughs out of it. However, I think it would take quite an effort for anyone not as twisted as myself to pull some enjoyment out of all this mess.