Sex and the City
Please tell me they’re bidding to end this franchise.

Theatrical Release Date: 05/30/2008
Director: Michael Patrick King
Cast: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Chris Noth, Candice Bergen, Jennifer Hudson

So you loved “Sex and the City” on HBO and the new knock offs just haven’t been doing it for you? The five year wait is over; the “Sex in the City” movie has finally arrived with the original cast intact. Ladies, sit back and maybe you’ll enjoy, Gentlemen, please run as fast as you can from the theater (trust me, this is for your own good).

When the show ended each woman had found her relationship bliss, but did they live happily ever after? All four of the women: Charlotte (Kristin Davis), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), Samantha (Kim Cattrall) and Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) are still strong, successful and tight friends. Miranda and Charlotte each have a perfect family life; surprisingly, Carrie and Big (Chris Noth) are still a couple – yet haven’t moved in together. Samantha has moved to LA in order to manage her boyfriend/movie star Smith Jared’s (Jason Lewis) career, but she never misses lunch with the girls in New York.

The girl’s latest adventures (marriage, monogamy and babies) all fit into place just like you would expect them to; don’t worry, you won’t get any dramatic plot twists or tear jerking tragedies. Eventually it ends with everything working out ok, just like it did when the show ended five years ago.

So, what was the point again? Oh, yeah, they each have learned a little bit more about themselves allowing them to grow into the sophisticated 40 or 50 something woman who has found her way in New York City. Yeah, I really had trouble not taking a nap.

The acting is consistently good, as you would expect these ladies fall seamlessly into their reprised roles. The writing is decent, I did laugh a couple of times in between bouts of exacerbated boredom. The costumes are glamorously over the top; Carrie’s signature flower has grown to gigantic proportions (I almost wanted to hurl when I listened to all the women in the theater ooh and ahh over the god awful outfits). I do, however, admit to shamelessly enjoying all the gorgeous wedding gowns Carrie tries on from her favorite fashion designers. Even Carrie’s assistant, played by Jennifer Hudson, sports the latest and greatest in purses, which she rents for short periods of time like other people rent Zipcars.

Given the title, “Sex and the City”, I expected most of the sex to occur in New York; instead we get most of the eye candy occurring in LA. I will leave it to each of you to decide whether LA is supposed to be the new sexual Mecca or not.

My recommendation boils down to a very simple principle: if you adored the show then you’ll enjoy the film, if you didn’t really care whether the show existed or not, then don’t waste your time. Based upon that simple principle I cannot in good conscience give this movie more than a 2 out of 5. Simply making an extended TV show does not a good movie make.

If there is one request I can make to you, please, please don’t try to take your man to see this movie with you. Please, just show him how much you love him by asking your girlfriends instead. And if no one will go with you, well, then there’s always your favorite stuffed animal, they can’t say no and they always look like they’re enjoying themselves.