Jennifer's Body
You’ve got some fruit punch on your dre- …. Wait a minute, that’s not fruit punch!

Theatrical Release Date: 09/18/2009
Director: Karyn Kusama
Cast: Amanda Seyfried, Megan Fox, Johnny Simmons, Adam Brody, Chris Pratt, J.K. Simmons, Amy Sedaris, Cynthia Stevenson

Let’s face it, Megan Fox is what will draw people to the box office; if for no other reason, then to hopefully catch a glimpse of Jennifer’s body or witness a little girl-on-girl action. You’ll be sorely disappointed on the first, but pleasantly surprised by the second.

Unfortunately, there is no real nudity in this film. There are multiple shots of Fox in skimpy outfits and a shot of Needy (Amanda Seyfried) in her bra, but that’s all you will get. On the up side though, there is a pretty decent make-out scene between Jennifer and Needy.

The script by Diablo Cody is well written and witty throughout, with a number of memorable lines. In fact, I might have to update my profile’s favorite movie quote to “Jennifer’s Body”. Of course, for me to accurately and properly quote this movie, I would have re-watch it, so don’t expect it get updated anytime soon. There is decent character development with a strong, easy to follow back-story. I thought Jennifer’s creation storyline was plausible, creative, and well thought out.

As a horror lightweight, I was pleasantly surprised by this film. It is suspenseful, mildly gory, but not overly scary. The casting was well done, the costuming was excellent (with some wonderful high school outfits exhibited) and given the genre, the acting was fine. The soundtrack is a respectable collection of well-known songs cued to an apropos lyric, and synced to the action with the movie. The timing and interplay between soundtrack and movie creates a unique illusion that allows that soundtrack to comment on the movie, almost as if it were an actor.

Overall, the plot is believable with a few sticking points. First, these two would never be friends. Second, they would never remain friends. Third, how many murders does it take for you to report your friend? Jennifer is the super popular, gorgeous, slutty cheerleader, while Needy is the shy, sweet, quiet, more homely (in comparison to Fox) nerd.

Seriously in what reality would these two be friends, especially in high school? Okay, given that they meet when they were both really young, I guess I can let it slide, but then there’s the second problem. Jennifer is a bitch, constantly putting down Needy, and hitting on her friends and boyfriend, Chip. This begs the question, why do they remain friends? Perhaps, Needy is really that insecure … fine, but the third point is what really blows it for me.

At some point in the movie, Jennifer confesses to Needy that she’s literally a man-eater. Needy doesn’t turn her friend in or tell anyone about Jennifer’s confession, instead she decides to take a little time away from her friend and do some research. Needy doesn’t even disclose the information to her boyfriend and in a lame attempt to warn him, breaks up with him instead. However, I can reconcile these gripes by remembering that Needy is in high school and under the impression that she may be going insane.

The movie does have a few endings and requires that you stay through the credits to get the whole story. Although, I normally consider multiple endings a weakness, I found them all to be strong, charming twists and turns. I truly enjoyed this movie and look forward to renting it in the future. A 3 out of 5, “Jennifer’s Body” is a good way to kill some time.