Next Day Air
“Go ahead and shoot me … it’s better than watching this film.”

Theatrical Release Date: 05/08/2009
Director: Benny Boom
Cast: Mike Epps, Wood Harris, Cisco Reyes, Yasmin Deliz, Omari Hardwick, Donald Faison, Darius McCrary, Emilio Rivera, Mos Def

This isn’t going to be a long, drawn out review where a film is carefully dissected and examined to determine its quality. “Next Day Air” simply stinks.

Brought to the silver screen by director Benny Boom and screenwriter Blair Cobbs, the film is about a mix-up in the delivery of cocaine from Mexico to New York City. I suppose it’s meant to be a comedy set inside the world of drug dealers and hustlers. I also suppose it was meant to entertain.

I went into the theater, not having seen any trailers or promo material, and hoped that the inclusion of Donald Faison and Mos Def would at least make for a fun hour and a half. Apparently, this was something I should have done my due diligence on so I could discover that the likeable pair were only in what seems like 10 to 15 minutes of the project if one were to splice their scenes together. Instead, the real leads of the film are Mike Epps and Wood Harris. They come into possession of the cocaine and plan to sell it off, ignoring that its real owners may come looking for it.

The odd thing about such a waste of celluloid, time and energy is that the actors are not to blame at all. Each of them deliver decent performances – serving the script as it is written and directed. The blame for the film falls entirely on Boom and Cobbs’ feet.

Maybe it’s a result of Boom only having experience as a music video director. Maybe it’s because this is Cobbs first screenplay. Maybe it’s because no one seemed to be watching the dailies so they could pull the plug on this one before it was too late. Maybe I’m so disinterested in the film I couldn’t care less what combination of events conspired to craft it.

Even with perfectly serviceable acting, it’s impossible to care one way or the other about the film. The characters are flat, their actions inane, and the resolution appears to misunderstand the definition of the very word.

There are two or three chuckles to be had but they are all a result of Faison or Def, who don’t have nearly enough screen time to salvage this mess. Elizabeth Edgemont attended the screening with me and mentioned that had she not already put in the time, mileage and energy, this one was walk-out worthy. I’d have to agree and going along with my other gripes, it didn’t take much time to determine that “Next Day Air” is a 0 out of 5. If you’re headed to the multiplexes this weekend, go ahead and scratch this off the list, it’s hard to think of a film this year less worthy of your hard earned cash.