Oh My God?
Are we there yet?

Theatrical Release Date: 12/04/2009
Director: Peter Rodger
Featuring Interviews with: Hugh Jackman, Ringo Starr, David Copperfield, Seal, Bob Geldof, Baz Luhrmann, Jack Thompson, Princess Michael of Kent

What is God? That’s the question on filmmaker Peter Rodger’s mind and over the course of two years and more countries than I’ll ever dream of visiting, he interviews everyone from the man or woman on the street, to kids in a cancer ward, to Ringo Starr to find the answer.

The journey is an eye-opening one, not only for the audience but for those giving their opinions and for the filmmaker himself. Rodger did an excellent job of gathering together as diverse a set of people together as possible. Even with their wide range of religious systems and beliefs, there is a unifying element that binds us all together which comes through loud and clear in the documentary.

To keep things moving and interesting, Rodger incorporated a steady stream of music, perhaps best described as ambient or even trance, to accompany some of the transitions and landscape shots. This really helped with the fatigue factor that I often encounter in documentaries that are so reliant on simple one-on-one interviews. It also didn’t hurt that because Rodger went to such trouble to travel the globe, he was able to capture so much natural beauty around the world, whether in the African plains or Himalayan mountains.

Perhaps the biggest issue is the lack of continuity and transition between scenes. Rodger flitters back and forth between all of his interview pieces constantly. Although this works in one very important way to unite all of the voices, it also creates a very disjointed time line for the audience to follow. While I was always interested in what people had to say, there were many times when I thought the closing section of the film had begun, only to see another set of interviews and subjects explored.

“Oh My God?” may not be perfect but for those out there looking to hear a diverse set of people describe what God means to them, this is well worth your time. A 3.5 out of 5, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing a documentary that explores religion from a personal view and wasn’t already skewed towards an answer before it began (Bill Maher’sReligulous“). Even if your certain about what/who God is, I think the film may help to show how unified we as the human race can be, if we’d all just listen to each other with an open mind and an open heart.