Do you play the organ?

Organ Donors 1

As always you can find some unusual items at SDCC, while I was wandering the floor this afternoon, I ran into David Foox at booth 4637 selling these little gems. “Organ Donors” are odd, little figurines that sell for 1 for $10, 2 for $15. Proceeds benefit three organ donation charities including Donated for Life, Gifts of Life Michigan, and Organ Donor Alliance. Ian Forbes really wanted to buy himself a new liver (darn tootin’!). Apparently there are three versions of the liver (pickled being his favorite concept), though none were currently on display.

Unfortunately, boxes are not labeled. As a result, each box contains a mystery figure meaning that chance determines which figurine you receive. I elected to come back later, since today was a reconnaissance mission (I also wasn’t feeling particularly lucky), but please stop by and support a great cause.

And if figurines with organs for heads aren’t your cup of tea, maybe you just need a new wallet with a cool Buddah design? Just one more of the cool items Foox has to offer.

Organ Donors 2