Look Sir, flash drives!


Yoda_MIMOBOTNerd Kitty

As we all become slaves to technology, encoding not only business but personal items onto computers and the Internet, the need to make sure we keep that information readily transferable increases. Flash drives present an easy way to do just that.

Mimoco is a company known for making designer USB flash drives (MIMOBOTs), utilizing artist designs as well as a few highly recognizable licensed franchises – most notably, Star Wars and Hello Kitty. 2010 marks their fifth anniversary and for those browsing the booths at this years Comic-Con, there are plenty of exclusive designs to behold.

First and foremost, there’s the new Star Wars characters: Luke in his Hoth cold weather gear, a Wampa (that snow beast that gave me nightmares as a young child) and Yoda (going formal in a white outfit). Then there’s a Hello Nerd Kitty, adding yet another variant to the mega icon from SANRIO®.

MIMOBOT flash drives range in size from 2GB to 16GB and come pre-loaded with exclusive MIMOBOT-themed content like wallpapers, screensavers, and videos specific to each character. There are other exclusives on display and those going to the Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando next month can see more of Luke and his pals there. MIMOBOT flash drives can be purchased online at but the Comic-Con exclusives are just that – be there or be square (booth #4938 on the main floor and #2913 in the Star Wars Pavilion).