Barenaked Big Bang sounds dirty …

Big Bang Theory 2

“The Big Bang Theory” panel started off with well … a BIG BANG. After passing out lyrics of the full theme song, moderator Wil Wheaton announced that we would be partaking in sing-along with the Barenaked Ladies.

Big Bang Theory

The panel included (from left to right) Kunal Nayyar, Simon Helberg, Kaley Cuoco, Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki (not shown here: Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre). It was obvious that this panel genuinely liked each another and were exceedingly competitive over, of all things: ping-pong. Apparently the cast, has a ping-pong championship between breaks and, according to some, Cuoco is a cheater, petitioning to be let back into the competition after a loss.

Cuoco revealed when Wil Wheaton guest starred on the show that she had no idea who he was, except that he was a big deal. She also mentioned at the time that she had just begun reading the Harry Potter series. Wheaton teased her about going to the museum on the WB lot and being sorted into Slithering.

The panel continued with a discussion of the actors’ thoughts on the various characters. It was decided that Leonard (Galecki’s character) is the anchor of the show, bridging the gap between science and the real world. As the writers summarized it, “the only thing geekier than the characters are the writers.” Wheaton expressed that the show is so successful because it appeals to both nerds and people who are “nerd adjacent” (i.e. his wife).

When asked about if there would ever be a Comic Con episode, the writers responded that although they’d really love to do it, unfortunately it’s a logistical nightmare and “we’re [the show] an indoor cat.” The audience was then serenaded by the entire cast with a rendition of “Soft Kitty,” followed by more questions from the audience. It was a thoroughly enjoyable panel and don’t forget that “The Big Bang Theory” will be moving to Thursdays at 8 PM on CBS starting this fall.