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The Room

Although he was primarily in town to promote and screen his latest project, “The House That Drips Blood On Alex”, writer/director/producer/actor Tommy Wiseau descended upon the Landmark Ken Cinemas to greet fans at a midnight showing of “The Room” and brought actor Greg Sestero in tow.

A midnight cult sensation, “The Room” is largely considered to be one of the worst films made in the last decade (if not longer) and is about a love triangle gone wrong. Audiences though have found great delight in gathering at the witching hour month after month to heckle, cheer and quote the film … with a heavy dose of plastic spoon throwing throughout (when you see the picture of a spoon on the living room table, yell ‘spoon!’ and test that pitching arm). correspondents Shelby Iacometti and Hannah Morris were there to meet Wiseau and Sestero. Both men were in high spirits, being greeted by so many people who have grown to appreciate and love watching “The Room” together. Before the movie started, a Q & A took place, and more importantly, Tommy even threw a football around with a few lucky fans (this makes a lot more sense to those who have seen the film). Sadly, the stars didn’t stick around during the film but the crowd loved every minute of it.

The Room - Tommy
(l to r: Greg Sestero, Hannah, Tommy Wiseau, Shelby - photo courtesy Shelby Iacometti)

The Room- Greg
(Shelby & Greg - photo courtesy Shelby Iacometti)

If you weren’t one of the lucky ones at the Ken that night, be sure to mark September 4th down on your calendar as “The Room” will return that midnight. Don’t forget some plastic spoons and an interest in hearing everyone else in the theater add their personal touches to the dialogue. This is must see material for purveyors of hilariously bad material.