Jackass 3D
Some camouflage works better than others …

Theatrical Release Date: 10/15/2010
Director: Jeff Tremaine
Cast: Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Jason Acuña, Ryan Dunn, Preston Lacy, Dave England, Ehren McGhehey, Spike Jonze

I doubt I need to describe the plot for “Jackass 3D”. Essentially, it’s a collection of folks with questionable sanity hurting themselves and ingesting horrible concoctions for our amusement. The beautiful thing about the premise is that the only stumbling block to creating this entertainment is the imagination of Johnny Knoxville and his friends.

Here, we get the boys performing the obligatory shots to the man region, propelling themselves via bungee cords towards certain injury, taunting already irate animals, baring it all, ingesting it all, vomiting it all, and much, much more. There’s nothing else to describe, short of trying to explicitly explain one of the many pranks or stunts involved. (Though I should warn those with a delicate gag reflex who haven’t seen these guys in action, there are some scenes that may make you reach for a receptacle.)

Obviously, the big change to the lads’ shenanigans is presenting it all in 3D. And while I’ve been knocking this trend as Hollywood films continue to miss the mark, I can now finally say that there’s a 3D film that ACTUALLY WORKS! From the introduction of the cast to the finale, every scene shot in 3D (some were done in 2D when necessary) utilized a depth of field I haven’t seen in any movie to date; Not any of the animated features, certainly not the terrible post-conversion drivel and not even the vaunted “Avatar” used the third dimension so effectively. I now have a new benchmark for comparing the flood of films all doing their best to wring an extra few bucks out of audiences’ wallets.

And complimenting all of the excellent 3D was perhaps the best use of slow motion cameras to date as well. While “bullet-time” was made famous via “The Matrix” and has been used in nearly every action film since, watching someone get peppered with paint balls or a little person be socked in the face with a large fish is made almost immeasurably more enjoyable when shown at ultra slow speeds.

If you are already a fan, I doubt this review is necessary at all. It’s probably even less important to those who find their actions juvenile and horrific to watch. However, for the record, “Jackass 3D” fires on all cylinders and because it is the very first film to make the 3D experience truly necessary (pay attention Hollywood), the film gets a perfect 5 out of 5. I’ve always said that I enjoy people hurting themselves for my amusement and this film only strengthens that position. I haven’t laughed that hard at any film in 2010 … though I am a very sick puppy so keep that in mind.