Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
Worst. Pick-up line. Ever. Thankfully, I’ve already got a drink.

Adapting Bryan Lee O’Malley’s six volume Scott Pilgrim series into a film is no small feat. His material is chock full of pop culture references, sarcasm and stylized one-on-one fighting. Who better than Edgar Wright to translate the material into film, then? Once again, he shows off his talent for taking a genre and almost pushing it to the next level, making the adaptation feel like a video game had sex with a comic book and was raised by a video camera.

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    Social Drinks Round 1:

Anytime someone says “band”

Anytime someone says “x/ex/exes”

Anytime Scott whines

    Social Drinks Round 2:
    (Carry over any rules you like and add the following.)

Anytime someone says “Yeah”

Anytime someone says “Scott”

    Social Drinks Final Round: Liver Battle
    (In addition to carrying over any rules …
    Advanced users might make the following worth a shot of harder stuff.
    Otherwise, treat them as normal.)

Anytime Scott defeats an evil ex

Anytime Ramona changes her hair color


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