The Bounty Hunter
Hey, Gerard! Need directions to the nearest cliff?

Theatrical Release Date: 03/19/2010
Director: Andy Tennant
Cast: Gerard Butler, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Christine Baranski, Jeff Garlin, Siobhan Fallon Hogan, Joel Marsh Garland, Carol Kane

A waste of Carol Kane. A waste of Christine Baranski. A waste of your time. But wait! This review hates on “The Bounty Hunter” some more.

So, in the tradition of crafting a script together via the monkeys with typewriters method, casting bankable actors who consider a paycheck more important than integrity and making sure to keep things as non-challenging to the brain as a whole, audiences nationwide will hopefully not flock to this latest romantic comedy.

The premise is that Gerard Butler has left the police force to pursue the glamorous job of retrieving people who’ve skipped bail (the divorce and subsequent drinking may have had a hand in the career change). His ex-wife (Jennifer Aniston) is a reporter who finds herself … wait for it … wait for it … an accused felon who has skipped bail! Who would have ever thought to write this stuff! Awesome.

So Butler rejoices at the idea of dragging his ex to jail and making money off of the process. Of course, the pair still harbor feelings for one another and in the course of sparring with one another and an unnecessary subplot about dirty cops, the film will end exactly as you think it would from the trailer.

Butler has made a bad habit of late, choosing fluffy (and not even good) romantic comedies (“P.S. I Love You”,”The Ugly Truth”). Here again, his talent is being wasted – and for those out there who just want to see him with his shirt off, you do get that here (but he’s not quite in “300” shape).

Aniston is Aniston. If you’ve seen her in anything, you know what you’re getting. Either it’s Rachel from “Friends” or it’s the anti-Aniston in independent films like “The Good Girl” or “Friends with Money“. Here, it’s Rachel with a passion for journalism. Great.

The film lumbers along at a snail’s pace and takes 110 minutes (a hard boiled egg short of two hours) to end up where we all knew it was going from the trailers and/or the opening scene. I understand people want escapism but throwing your money away on such filler as this only perpetuates bad escapism. A 1 out of 5, I felt ashamed and more than a little regret at having seen “The Bounty Hunter” at all. But hey, if you think it looks like a lot of fun and do wind up enjoying it, more power to you – I’d be happy that someone found a reason for its existence.