Via SDLFF press release:

San Diego Latino Film Festival’s 12th Annual Cinema en tu Idioma starts off with a bang this year, with a mini festival of some of the latest Latino films! In partnership with Maya Entertainment and the Maya Indie Film Series, Cinema en tu Idioma, brought to you by the producers of the San Diego Latino Film Festival, the series opens in August with an all-star cast of Latino actors including Eva Longoria, Kate del Castillo, Elsa Pataky, Bigas Luna, Manny Perez, Eric Mabius, and more. August 5-11th at UltraStar Mission Valley Cinemas at Hazard Center (off 163 Freeway & Friars Rd.)

August films to be screened in this special ‘mini festival’ include:

Without Men: In this offbeat comedy, the women of a secluded Latin American village are left to rebuild their society after all of the men are recruited by a bumbling group of guerrillas. It may be a man’s world out there, but in here, it’s all woman. An all star cast of Latino actors including Eva Longoria, Kate del Castillo, Monica Huerta, and Paul Rodriguez. Screening times: Fri. 8/5 8:30pm, Sat. 8/6 8:30pm, Sun. 8/7 4:00pm, Mon. 8/8 4:00pm, Tues. 8/9 4:00pm, Wed. 8/10 8:30pm, Thurs. 8/11 8:30pm.

All She Can (formerly Benavides Born): Luz Garcia, a high school senior in a forgotten Texas town, wants something different than the options awaiting her after graduation. She’s earned a ticket out with admission to the University of Texas at Austin, but she can’t afford to go. Her one shot is a scholarship for winning the State Powerlifting Championship. It’s all or nothing for Luz . . . until nothing stares her in the face. 2011 Sundance Official Dramatic Competition “…An entertaining and enlightening drama…” – The Hollywood Reporter. Screening times: Fri. 8/5 6:15pm, Sat. 8/6 6:15pm, Sun. 8/7 8:30pm, Mon. 8/8 8:30pm, Tues. 8/9 8:30pm, Wed. 8/10 6:15pm, Thurs. 8/11 6:15pm.

DiDi Hollywood: Tired of bartending nightclubs, aspiring actress Diana Diaz travels to Miami, then Los Angeles to chase her dreams of becoming a Hollywood star, without realizing that fame comes at a life-altering price. Starring Ana de la Reguera, Peter Coyote, and Elsa Pataky. Screening times: Fri. 8/5 10:45pm, Sat. 8/6 10:45pm, Sun. 8/7 6:15pm, Mon. 8/8 6:15pm, Tues. 8/9 6:15pm, Wed. 8/10 10:45pm, Thurs. 8/11 10:45pm.

Blue Eyes: Before his compulsory retirement, a JFK airport’s Chief Immigration Officer detains a group of Latin Americans and exposes them to a series of humiliating situations. Years later, after serving a lengthy prison term and filled with guilt, Marshall goes to Brazil in search of the victim’s daughter and is guided by the young, Bia. Screening times: Fri. 8/5 11:30am, Sat. 8/6 11:30am, Sun. 8/7 10:45pm, Mon. 8/8 10:45pm, Tues. 8/9 10:45pm, Wed. 8/10 11:30am, Thurs. 8/11 11:30am.

Where the Road Meets the Sun: A drama centered around four men whose lives intersect at a rundown Hollywood hotel. Starring Elsa Pataky and Eric Mabius (Ugly Betty). Screening times: Fri. 8/5 1:45pm, Sat. 8/6 1:45pm, Sun. 8/7 11:30am, Mon. 8/8 11:30am, Tues. 8/9 11:30am, Wed. 8/10 1:45pm, Thurs. 8/11 1:45pm.

Forged: An ex-thug and his son attempt to find a way to move past impossible circumstances to forge a bond that has been forever broken by the murder of the child’s mother. 2010 New York International Latino Film Festival Winner. Screening times: Fri. 8/5 4:00pm, Sat. 8/6 4:00pm, Sun. 8/7 1:45pm, Mon. 8/8 1:45pm, Tues. 8/9 1:45pm, Wed. 8/10 4:00pm, Thurs. 8/11 4:00pm.

These films will screen for one-week only exclusively at UltraStar Mission Valley Cinemas at Hazard Center (off the 169 Freeway and Friars Rd.). Screening times are: 11:30am, 1:45pm, 4:00pm, 8:30pm, and 10:45pm.

Tickets are $10.00 General Audiences / $8.00 Students, Seniors, and Media Arts Center San Diego members. Individual tickets can be purchased prior to each screening at the UltraStar Mission Valley Cinemas at Hazard Center box office (7510 Hazard Center Dr., SD, CA 92108). Become a member today to start receiving discounts and even free tickets!

Visit online to view trailers and read more about the films.