I know you are but what am I …

Photographer: Bruce Glikas ©

While the overall Comic-Con programming for 2011 doesn’t have me all that excited, having Pee-wee Herman command the stage in Hall H all by himself on Thursday, July 21st at 1:15pm is nothing short of amazing.

He’s here to promote the upcoming October DVD release of “The Pee-wee Herman Show on Broadway” and in a press release mentioned that, “”Initially I was coming to San Diego with the cast of Twilight, but we’ve since decided it’s better for them to have two separate panels. I am SOOOO excited I can hardly breathe!”

The Broadway show opened at the Stephen Sondheim Theater on Nov. 11, 2010 and brought back the zany, hilarious antics from the Saturday morning TV show that captivated a generation. Who knows? Maybe while entertaining the crowd in Hall H, he’ll even drop a hint or two about the possible collaboration between Pee-wee and Judd Apatow? Stranger things have happened.

So if you’re finalizing your plan of attack for Comic-Con’s first day, don’t be scared of the Twilight contingent that will be mobbing Hall H first thing Thursday morning. More than likely, many of them will depart afterwards and make grabbing a seat not as hopeless a possibility as it may seem if you wander that way around 10AM.

Sadly, I won’t be able to make this panel in person but if any of you do, please leave your impression of how things went in the comment section. And oh yeah, be sure to remember and make plenty of noise for whatever the word of the day ends up being. My guess: TEQUILA!

Photographer: Bruce Glikas ©