Don’t worry, this T-Rex ain’t coming off the screen to get you.

Look, we all know there’s no point in reviewing Jurassic Park. First released in 1993, if you haven’t seen this movie before, you’re either under 20 years old, a huge Spielberg-hater, or weird – very, very weird.

The film pushed the boundaries of CGI at the time and the nice thing in rewatching it on the big screen is that the effects hold up quite well. It’s a little less life-like than the first time, but I’m also 20 years older now so between seeing technology evolve and just being a full-fledged adult, that’s to be expected.

What’s not nice about seeing it on the big screen is the “3D”. Yes, those are quotes around 3D because there’s really no reason anyone should see yet another bad 3D conversion. Very few elements extend off the screen to any significant degree, some close-up elements just end up a blurry mess, and even the pivotal dinosaur scenes don’t have the extra touch that one would think 3D artists might have spent some significant time on. There are many scenes where you could just leave the glasses off entirely and while an element or two might be blurry, the rest is just fine.

And don’t get me started on the ridiculously stupid notion of trying to see this in IMAX 3D. If a movie isn’t filmed in IMAX, it’s not worth seeing in IMAX. Period. End of story.

Now, the good news is that there are 2D showings of Jurassic Park and I 100% endorse the idea of seeing this on the big screen. Whether you were too young to see it the first time around or simply want to enjoy the spectacle (and that John Williams score) one more time, it’s quite fun to see it at the theater. So feel free to get out there and revisit the past – Just do yourself a favor and skip the “3D”, and the “IMAX”. Basically, stop falling for what I’m calling the Hollywood Idiot Test. That’s not one you want to pass.

3D No