I prefer the uniforms and wait staff at Hooters.

A comedy that sort of went under the radar, I didn’t think much of it the first time I watched it. And then I saw it again … and again … and again. Frankly, it continues to make me laugh and felt it was time to add the Rules for Fools touch. There’s one simple Social Drink rule and then it’s dealer’s choice. Do you hang out with those freaks and losers at Average Joe’s or are you a simply better than them and work out at GloboGym? Pick a side and seal your liver’s fate (hint: Pirates drink more than guys names Laser, Blazer, Taser and all other kinds of ‘asers’).

Suggested Beverage: Rolling Rock

    Social Drinks:

Anytime someone says “dodgeball”

    Team GloboGym:

Anytime someone says some variation of GloboGym

Anytime a GloboGym player hits an opponent with a dodgeball – x2 for that dude in the bar (who I think is dead)

    Team Average Joe’s:

Anytime someone says some variation of Average Joe’s

Anytime an Average Joe’s player hits an opponent with a dodgeball – x2 if it’s a crotch shot or girl scout


“Rules for Fools” is intended for entertainment purposes only. In no way do we suggest that anyone actually attempt to play any of these games. If played, there is a serious risk of various alcohol related hazards, up to and including death.

Instead of alcohol, may we suggest using slurpees and laughing as brainfreezes ring out around the room as you and your friends chill your brain?

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