I don’t care that this has no lens flare. Alice Eve makes me feel funny … in a good way.

Why mess with a good thing? Also, I’m lazy. So just like the rules for this film’s predecessor (The Star Trek Challenge), this one’s got one very simple rule:

When you see a lens flare, drink up.

Actually, after doing my unofficial count of 293 lens flares, I don’t want to irreparably harm anyone’s internal organs so how about you make a hilarious game of observation and math out of this. Here’s the breakdown for how to play this game with various numbers of people:

1 person – Drink every 3rd lens flare (I feel your pain, it’s totally not sad at all that you’re doing this alone).

2 people – For every sequence of three lens flares, the first goes to the person who’s seen Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan the most times; the second goes to the other person; the third is a break for both of your livers.

3 people – It’s pretty obvious isn’t it. Each of you will drink for a certain lens flare position within each sequence of three. To choose the order, hold a Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament; best 2 out of 3, you shoot on 3 (obviously because that’s the way you do it).

4 or more people – Now we’re getting to the fun stuff. It’s time to choose your character (choose only one character). Your task is to drink for each lens flare that occurs with your character on-screen. This might spiral into dangerous territory if you chose Kirk or Spock so those characters come with handicaps (the rest are potentially in order from most to least on-screen time based on my recollection … which is fuzzy). Otherwise, enjoy:

Kirk / Spock – Drink for every 3rd lens flare with them on screen.

Uhura / Khan – Drink for every 2nd lens flare with them on screen.

Bones / Scotty / Carol – Drink for each lens flare with them on screen.

Sulu / Chekov – Drink for each lens flare with them AND/OR the USS Enterprise on screen (they’re driving the thing after all).

(And seriously, be careful … disclaimer below … hint, hint) (full review here)


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