Barrett Calhoon

Born: 1976

Resides: Indianapolis, IN

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Favorite Film Of:

2009 ● The Hangover
2008 ● WALL·E
2007 ● Juno
2006 ● The Lives of Others
2005 ● Good Night and Good Luck
2004 ● Garden State
2003 ● The Fog of War
2002 ● The Bourne Identity
2001 ● Amélie
2000 ● Unbreakable

Cinematic Guilty Pleasure

Lots… “Dreamscape” and “King Cobra” come to mind right now…

Favorite Film Quote:

“Do you want me to bring out the Leroy Neiman Paintings?”
“No… That would violate the Geneva Convention”
~Top Secret

Most Undeserving Of Its Accolades:

Citizen Kane closely followed by Titanic.

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